Tailor-Made Fitness offers services to appeal to a variety of customers.  With over 15 years of experience, in the fitness industry, we deliver services based on sound principles of exercise science and training in the movement sciences.  This combination of training and exeperience allows us to work with the fitness novice, competitive athletes and everyone in between.  Take a minute to review our menu of services to see which one would be the best fit for your fitness needs. We look forward to the opportunity to strategize with you torward meeting your goals.




Tailor-Made Fitness will provide personal training in a private one-on-one session.  This is a full hour of individualized personal training during each session.  You get specialized attention to increase the safety and effectiveness of your program. 

           Sports Performance


Our sports performance packages focus on improving athletic performance in the areas of: explosive power, core strength, agility, speed and reaction time. Improving these athleitc elements and maintaining a high-level of conditioning can make a good athlete great! Further, well-conditioned and well-trained athletes are less likely to sustain serious injuries and tend to recuperate at a faster rate.

           CORE STRENGTH


A strong core is truly the basis of all other movements and critical for good posture and spinal stability.  A proper core training program will target more than the "abs", those muscles along the front of the abdomen.  Your core includes many stabilizer muscles in the hips and throughout most of the upper torso. The core is instrumental in your ability to move and generate power through a variety of movements during exericse and sports. 

           Boot Camp


Do you want to take your fitness program to the next level or need to break out of a training plateau?  Try a finess boot camp.  These are exciting group fitness programs full of high-energy, heart-pumping exercises designed to annihilate hundreds of calories with each workout and deliver the results you want.

           Small Group Personal Training

Are you looking for the opportunity to train with friends? group training has been proven to increase commitment to a fitness regimen.  Keep your workouts fun and effective by working out with friends.  This is a fun and highly motivating way to workout.  Also, splitting the cost among the group, is a great way to increase the value of this service.

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