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Virtual Fitness in the Era of Covid and Beyond

I am really excited to officially be a part of the digital marketplace. I have been in the fitness and wellness business for over twenty years, but have not committed to owning a piece of the digital market. Now, more than ever, it is important for us take care of ourselves, given the social climate we live in. Covid-19 has definitely changed our lives in so many ways. How we interact socially, how we shop, how we workout, how we get an education and all the many different facets of life that have been affected. And so as business owners, we to, have to adjust to the changing world. I am still very committed to supporting the goals of my clients and in the era of Covid, that might mean offering more virtual services. I am positioning myself to meet the needs of those who would like my services, but want to observe social distancing. I am also, still committed to offering in-person services where it is feasible and safe. Being a people person, I believe social interaction is still very heathy, even in this time. My plan, going forward is to offer several coaching options in virtual spaces to include online coaching and consultation to help my clients meet there fitness, wellness and life-style goals. We are living in uncertain times but the one thing that is still very certain is that we have to take care of our health.

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